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IGN: LewisB1
7 months ago

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing good :D


Couple of updates!


We are going to be releasing two gamemodes in the next coming weeks! We are going to be releasing bedwars and OPPrisons! We also hope to release skyblock by the end of the year! :D'

We will have a release date very soon!


Prisons will have many features!


Prisons will have stuff like


A - Z - FREE Ranks! Each rank has it own mine /warp a, /warp b etc. You mine and you sell your blocks by right clicking your pickaxe! Yes i understand it would take a long time to rankup with just selling! BUT NO! We also havw custom enchants! You can do /upgrades and upgrade your pickaxe and have enchants like fortune 1000 and explosive 50! You could be making 60 million balance per inventory! and if you have autosell then you can gain even more!


We also will have prison top winners at the end of each season. the people with the highest prestige will get a reward :O


You also have access to gain a plot and you can build on your plot by getting items from /shop !


Once you reach the FREE Rank you have many options! You could do /warp free and be free! You can play survival. you can go to a plain survival world! You can also /prestige which will set your rank back to A and you will have to climb that A - Z - FREE Rankup Ladder! 


Here are some amazing photos!!





We will have a release date for prisons and bedwars soon!

- LewisB1
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