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Changes to the SkyDreamsMC way
The SkyDreamsMC Network is going under a variety of changes for the better future of SkyDreamsMC. Please note, there may be some inconveniences.


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IGN: LewisB1
8 months ago



Hi everyone! Hope you are all well.


 Firstly, I would like to say sorry for all the ping's today. If you wish not to be pinged in the future then you are able to remove the @➥ Alert role by doing the command !removealert. If you wish to BE pinged when an announcement is made, and you do not already have the role then you can do the command !alert.

 Also, if anyone need's any support then you can email [email protected] and If you need admin help you can email [email protected] Also if you want to report someone email report If you want to email a member of our team privately you can find a list of emails below!


Now on to the important part! It's with my absolute pleasure to announce that our staff/dev and builder applications are now open!!! If you wish to apply, you can head over to our website here: but before applying please take a look at our requirements that you will need to follow to apply, which you can find with this link: I wish everyone luck, and hope to see you on the SkyDreamsMC staff team very soon! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

We are still working on bedwars and hope to have a release date in the next few weeks!


Have an amazing day! :D

- LewisB1
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