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IGN: LewisB1
4 months ago

A couple months ago the sky dreams team decided to close down our public Minecraft servers! Since then we decided to go into a development service where we would start making Minecraft spigot plugins for the future of people Minecraft servers! This sadly did not go to plan and therefore we put out a pole on our discord and twitter to see if you wanted us to stay as we are, become a community discord or bring back our Minecraft servers. We got 0 votes for 2 of the options but everyone voted for bring back our Minecraft server.

What happens now?
So we will be bringing back our Minecraft servers! Please note that at this time we do not have a confirm date of to when we will be open again since we do have to make the servers! We will let the community decide if they want a new trailer with the release date nearer the time! 

What servers are you bringing back?
We are going to be letting the community decide on what game modes you would like to see! Go to our discord at and then go to #suggest-gamemodeto give us ideas and game modes that we should add!

Any more updates on this will be updated mainly on our discord! Any big announcements we will add it to this page aswell as a forum post!

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- LewisB1
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