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IGN: SethSpiltButter_
4 months ago

Hello everyone!
I get to gladly announce and remind you that Skyblock Season 1 is coming out tomorrow (27th February)!
Skyblock is full of cool and new features that you will not want to miss ranging from custom islands, an upgrading system, custom shops, mobcoins and many more! We are so excited to give this gamemode to you as the team as we have been working very hard to make sure that this gamemode is up to scratch! Following on from this, the skyblock servers will be opening at 8pm GMT! Don't miss out!

To join in on the fun, the IP to our servers is Please come and join us! We would love it if you were hear to enjoy this new chapter with us!

For more updates please join our Discord here. It would be a pleasure to have you!

- SethSpiltButter_
SkyDreamsMC Administrator | Server Designer | Media Manager
Contact: [email protected]