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Changes to the SkyDreamsMC way
The SkyDreamsMC Network is going under a variety of changes for the better future of SkyDreamsMC. Please note, there may be some inconveniences.


Media Manager & Graphic Designer
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IGN: SethSpiltButter_
7 months ago

Hey all,
Recently we have had a number of players joining saying they want their "free admin rank" or "free op" due to lies being spread around on other Discord servers. This information is not true and is being advertised in the wrong way. We appologise and are very sorry if you fall upon this trick.  

Due to SkyDreamsMC being a small server we needed a method of advertising. We hired someone on fiverr which would help us advertise, however this has gone south. We didn't realise what this individual was doing and have been notified by many players. We are trying to deal with the situation to try and stop this from happening. Once again we are very sorry for any inconvenience and do appologise for anyone who has been misguided, this is not how we expected it to go. 

Last edited: 7 months ago

- SethSpiltButter_
SkyDreamsMC Administrator | Server Designer | Media Manager
Contact: [email protected] 


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IGN: Yeph
5 months ago

Not pog, make sure you reported and left a bad review! :D

I'm not B-Hopping, I'm just-- jumping really fast and far! It's part of the new update!