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Bringing back our servers
for more information on bringing back our servers please visit https://skydreamsmc.com/servers-back

Join Our Team!

The SkyDreamsMc Team is a group of people who help manage the network! Our main aim is to make sure the community all has an amazing time on the SkyDreamsMc Minecraft Servers!

We accept new learners!
We accept people who are very experienced but we also accept people who are still learning! We can also help train you to become better at your role!

Staff Application
The Staff Application is an application to become a moderator on our servers. Please make sure you use full English when writing the applications, grammar will be checked and judged.

To access The Staff Application, please click the button below!

Developer Application
The Developer application is for people who have some sort of experience regarding developing plugins. If you are a beginner and are learning how to do it, we will  happily accept you. Please make sure you use full English when writing your application.

To access The Developer Application, please click the button below! 
            Builder Application
The Builder applaction is for people who are good at building! Your job will be to build all the maps for the SkyDreamsMc Minecraft servers!

To access The Builder Application, please click the button below! 

1. You must be over the age of 14!

2. You must have discord!

3. You must be able to act profossonal

4. You must love skydreamsmc :D