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Bringing back our servers: For more information on this go to
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Hi everyone! Hope you are all well.


 Firstly, I would like to say sorry for all the ping's today. If you wish not to be pinged in the future then you are able to remove the @➥ Alert role by doing the command !removealert. If you wish to BE pinged when an announcement is made, and you do not already have the role then you can do the command !alert.

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Bringing back our servers
 LewisB1 •   about 1 month ago •  111

A couple months ago the sky dreams team decided to close down our public Minecraft servers! Since then we decided to go into a development service where we would start making Minecraft spigot plugins for the future of people Minecraft servers! This sadly did not go to plan and therefore we put out a pole on our discord and twitter to see if you wanted us to stay as we are, become a community discord or bring back our Minecraft servers. We got 0 votes for 2 of the options but everyone voted for bring back our Minecr...

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